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Celebrating Kindness & Community, & Remembering A Very Special Man

by Beth Slaboda
April 4, 2018

Beth kicks off our Buzzing Love Bracelet Campaign by remembering and honoring her dad, who always put others first, had extra kindness to share and brought people together through his music.

by Jaime Mowers
Jan. 25, 2018
Jaime shares a very personal story about feeling 365 Days STRONGER than she used to be as she reflects on the one-year mark of delivering her victim impact statement in court at the sentencing hearing of her dad's murder trial.

 by Jaime Mowers
Sept. 4, 2017

Meet Beth – Jaime's Best Friend & Jaime and Travis's Buzzing Love Partner! Read a little about their amazing friendship, the joy and pain they've shared, how they do this thing called life together and how they're honoring the memory of their dads – Gary Baranyai and Paul Wehling – through this thing we call Buzzing Love.   

by Beth Slaboda
Sept. 7, 2017

Beth shares some thoughts on how we can all be a little kinder simply by stopping long enough to look around and pay attention to the world and people around us!

by Jaime Mowers 
July 2014

Read Jaime's eulogy she wrote for her dad, which was read at his service and celebration of life by one of his best friends of the skydiver's Goon Squad.

by Jaime Mowers
June 2017
This is tragic and heartbreaking, so if you're having a hard day maybe save this one for later. But it's "The Thing." It's the horrific, unthinkable thing that happened to Gary one seemingly ordinary Sunday – and shattered the lives of so many that loved and knew him. But, it's also why and how BUZZING LOVE came to be. The miracle in all of this is how something so beautiful and full of love came from a place of such excruciating pain and darkness.


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