Race Hard. Bee Kind!

BUZZING LOVE has many friends within the endurance athlete community in St. Louis, which is a perfect fit for us because we love to inspire people to help each other chase their dreams and be kind along the way! 

Buzzing Love would like to encourage all athletes to RACE HARD & BEE KIND this season! Help a newcomer to running, cycling, triathlon or any other sport train for their first race, offer to help someone with an aspect of training they're struggling with, lend a hand to a fellow racer, encourage other athletes on the course, thank a volunteer for making your race better -- anything to put a little more kindness into the world! 

Buzzing Love is partnering with the Saint Louis Triathlon Club this season in the capacity of providing the "Race Hard. Bee Kind" bracelets to its club members and encouraging people within the club -- and outside of it -- to volunteer at one of the club's races or events. Those who volunteer for two events this season will get a pair of these awesome Saint Louis Triathlon Club/Buzzing Love socks as swag! 

For those of you who might be thinking about trying a triathlon, volunteering at one of of the club's races is the perfect way to come see what it's all about! Even if you're not interested in completing a triathlon yourself, we'd certainly love to have you get in on the fun as a volunteer -- and believe me, we like to have a lot of fun in this club! Plus, it's a great way to meet new friends and score some Buzzing Love gear!

Several athletes are already sporting these awesome #racehardbeekind #buzzinglove bracelets! Want your own?! Request a free one from Buzzing Love here! So what are you waiting for ... go race hard and get your kind on! 

I believe that we can overcome life's greatest challenges and chase our dreams, and we do that best when we are helping each other and being kind to one another.

 Smile Big. Race Hard. Bee Kind!



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