What's All The Buzz About?!

Welcome to BUZZING LOVE, a place for sharing random acts of kindness and stories of inspiration. Stories of love, loss, grief and healing.

Inspired by Gary A. Baranyai, a man who lived his life by helping others but was tragically taken from us too soon, BUZZING LOVE is a reminder to love big, laugh loud, lend others a helping hang, spread as much kindness as possible and leave the world a better place than you found it. 

While we encourage kindness EVERY DAY and all the time, we're currently gearing up for our BIGGEST, KINDEST DAY of the year ...


This is our big day of the year that was the start of all things BUZZING LOVE! What started as a day of good deeds and acts of kindness to honor the life and memory of the man Buzzing Love was founded for, Gary A. Baranyai, has become so much more. 

It is our DAY OF KINDNESS because ... the world needs more of it. Because if you want more kindness in the world, you have to put it there. Because everyone has a story and everyone has a struggle, and a kind word or gesture could mean the world to someone.

Because when the pain shatters us, it's the love and kindness that saves us. 


Because we need to be reminded that we belong to each other and that love still – and always – wins, even in the midst of heartbreaking tragedies.  

Just because ... you don't even need a reason to be kind to others.

Wherever you find yourself on this Buzzing Love Day on Saturday, June 29th, we hope you'll pause long enough to put a little more love and kindness into the world, it's that simple!!! Just BEE KIND to someone else!! 

We also hope you'll share your Buzzing Love Day act of kindness with us and everyone else on social media using the hashtag #buzzinglove so that we can all encourage and inspire one another!!

If you'd like to help us create more kindness and want some Buzzing Love cards and Buzzing Love bracelets to hand out with you acts of kindness, we'll be happy to send some your way!! Just fill out the request form here!! To print your own Buzzing Love cards, click here!!


For those of you who are in St. Louis, we hope you'll join us in a 

WHAT: Buzzing Love Day Party in the Park

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 29

WHERE: Sutton Loop Park, 2815 Sutton Blvd., in Maplewood, Mo.

WHAT TO KNOW: Buzzing Love will be treating everyone to cool drinks and frozen treats! We'll have fun stuff for the kids, so bring the fam or stop by when you can! We'll be announcing more as we get further details finalized so ... mark your calendars and stay tuned!! We hope you can BEE there!!

ALSO: As part of our activities for Buzzing Love Day, we'll be collecting new books (pre-kindergarten through eighth grade reading level) and new stuffed animals to pair with those books for anyone who wants to help us buzz some love to the nonprofit Ready to Learn, which provides free books for children in the St. Louis area! A list of the most requested new books and new stuffed animals from their wish list can be found at www.readytolearnstl.org

Items on their wish list can be sent directly to Ready to Learn, OR we'll be collecting them at our Buzzing Love Day Party in the Park in St. Louis on Saturday, June 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in Sutton Loop Park, 2815 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood! This is an awesome organization that we're excited to be partnering with, so if you're still looking for a #buzzinglove for this Buzzing Love Day we hope you'll consider donating a new book or a new stuffed animal (from their wish list) to Ready to Learn!

As BUZZING LOVE DAY approaches on June 29th, for those who may not know how this little thing called Buzzing Love began and why June 29th is “the day,” please read this story, Buzzing Love Spreads Joy & Kindness To Help Fight Grief & Sadness, by one of my best friends, Juliana Goodwin, who is really the one who started this all .... 

I am forever grateful to Juliana and every single one of you who worked so hard behind the scenes to bring the first Buzzing Love Day about, and to every single one of you who has joined us ever since!! Every single one of you is part of this incredible ARMY OF LOVE!!!

I can't wait to light up the world with love and kindness on Buzzing Love Day again this year! Mark your calendars for June 29 and wherever you are please join us in participating in a random or not-so-random act of kindness!!! 

Let us inspire and encourage each other one smile, one hug, one word, one act of kindness at a time. We’d love for you to share your acts of kindness or when you spot kindness in others. Please share these with us via social media by using the hashtag #buzzinglove so that we may encourage and inspire one another to put more positivity into our corners of the world.
Share hope, share love, share kindness in all of its forms! Everyone has a story, everyone has a struggle – let us help each other and be kind to one another. When the pain shatters us, it's the love and kindness that saves us. 


You Belong Here & We Belong To Each Other.

With Love & Gratitude,

Jaime (Baranyai) Mowers
Buzzing Love Founder

Catch the Buzz ... Spread the Love!


Inspired by Gary A. Baranyai, a man who lived his life by helping others but was tragically taken from us far too soon, BUZZING LOVE is a reminder to love big, laugh loud, lend others a helping hand, spread as much kindness as possible and leave the world a better place than you found it. 

Read more ABOUT US here!

To learn more about how Buzzing Love came to be, check out OUR STORY.


  1. Love you, Sweetie. Our dad's are smiling down on us always. ❤

    1. Oh Lindsey!! Thank you so much, sweetheart. You are so right! Love you, too!! Thanks so much for all of your love and support, and for being a force behind Buzzing Love!!

  2. You are an inspiration, Jaime! I'm honored to know you and I can't think of a more powerful way to honor your dad than this! xoxo

    1. Oh Heather, thank you so very much, sweet friend!! I appreciate that more than you could know, and I'm lucky to know you, too!! Hugs sweet friend!!!

  3. Things happen because ...
    Good things happened because your dad was who he was with a personality SO BIG the world was a brighter and better place because of him.
    Good things have happened and will happen because you have carried on his legacy of good. God bless. Bee Happy!

    1. Oh Howard!!!! I'm not sure how you knew my dad, but would love to know! Thank you SO very much for your amazing words and you are exactly right about my dad – his smile, his love and his laugh indeed made THE WORLD A BETTER AND BRIGHTER PLACE! And while no one could ever come close to that kind of light, I'm doing my best to try to pass it on!! Thanks so much for your support and kind words!

  4. ....I shook his hand at first meeting.., only took a single minute..., two brothers who had never met..., it would take me forever to forget..., he will always Bee with me..., always

    1. Oh Calvin, Cal Mo Dee! That is so perfect!! Indeed you are right, no one EVER forgot Gary A. Baranyai!!! We were oh so lucky, and even luckier that he will ALWAYS be with us and that all the love and laughter he put into us, lives on within us and wherever we share it!! Love you so much!!

  5. much love from down in the lone star state from jack H

    1. Awww! Hi Jack!! Thank you for all of the love down in the Lone Star state!! We miss you in St. Louis, but know that you're Buzzing Love wherever you go!! Thank you for sharing your love and kindness with others!!!

  6. Parachutes, Planes, Trains, & Solid Friend-SHIPS plus; the Jokes 'n Stories told that would make a Real Man's Man wet his pants .. Gary "T*#Z" Baranyai was/still is a heart-linked bud from our get-go!
    Saturday evening, 23, June, 2018 – Brother Cal-Mo-Dee blessed my heart and wrist with a yellow remembrance band I will cherish always!
    What a wonderful site and memorial dedication! THANK YOU for this!
    "You Can't Out-Give A Giver"
    I'd like to encourage all who read these words to make 'Giving of Self' a daily life priority – It truly does 'ALWAYS' come back – wave upon wave! herbie

  7. We were at Circa STL tonite and became inspired. Thank you, we will do our best to continue with "BuzzingLove".