#BuzzingLoveForGaryBee – June 29, 2016

   Good Deeds for Gary – June 29, 2016

Even more people were part of the second #Buzzingloveforgarybee Day on June 29, 2016, and once again I was absolutely amazed, overwhelmed and downright humbled by the incredible acts of love and kindness that were shared today in memory of Gary A. Baranyai.

The night before this #BuzzingLoveForGaryBee Day, Travis and two of my dearest friends – with the help of so many others in our Army of Love, surprised me with the www.buzzinglove.org website, bumble bee cards we could hand out with our good deeds and random acts of kindness, and #buzzingloveforgarybee t-shirts!!!!! Just unbeelievable!!!!! It's taken me almost a year to make good on my promise to start building this blog (and accompanying Facebook page), but here I am ... and this is just the beginning!
 The following are posts that appeared on social media throughout the day on June 29, 2016, as people performed acts of kindness and good deeds in honor of my dad. This list certainly doesn't come close to being complete, as I know there were several people who were a part of this who didn't post on social media, and I'm certain there were still others that I wasn't even aware of. This just gives a glimpse into how AMAZING the day was and how much LOVE & KINDNESS we put into the world on the second #Buzzingloveforgarybee Day!

*Left flowers on a stranger's porch!

*It just so happened that the night I'm treating my three top employees to sushi (my team leaders who save my work life every day) is today. It must have been Gary's spirit to be on this day, but I'm so excited and I'll be thinking about everyone all day. Thank goodness for coworkers (and friends) who make our lives easier! Cheers!

*I'm so happy to encourage all of you to please do a good deed on Wednesday, June 29, and tag it with #buzzingloveforgarybee. My friend Jaime, while I've only met her in real life three or four times, feels like a lifetime friend. She sadly lost her father two years ago, and has since had an absolutely positive attitude about life I look up to every day. You may not know it, Jaime, but your hope and love during my own father's passing kept me going those first initial weeks, and I'm ever thankful for you for it. Let's all celebrate Gary's special day today with good deeds!

*I wanted you to know that I bought a total stranger’s lunch today to honor your dad.
*In Gary's memory we have given $100 to St. Vincent de Paul Society to serve the poor.

*Starting off day with a donation to the homeless. There are 17 bars of soap, 45 shampoo, conditioner, lotions; sunscreen, aloe vera, and more. Kindness is contagious.

*Put together a gift basket of hygiene and cleaning items for developmentally challenged person who gets $30 a month to spend on such items.

*Donation to two local charities-St Louis Area Food Bank and Backstoppers. Making a third donation in the form of O+ at a local blood bank.

*My first good deed of the day happened at Starbucks. On my daily stop I took care of the car behind me.

*In Gary's honor, just donated $100 to Stray Rescue of St Louis. Though I never had the honor to meet Gary, I see him through Donna and Jaime and her sister. We hope that more animals find homes that reflect the love that this amazing family shows to others every single day.

*Decided – in the spirit of Gary – to make two small gifts for two hardworking people I will see later today (my hairstylist and the owner). I will tell them all about you and your dad.

*Such a beautiful day to remember a very special man!! In honor of Gary, I have made donations to the St. Louis Food Bank and to Toys For Tots. May the good deeds keep coming!!! I love you, Jaime Mowers!!!

*Left extra quarters at the car wash for whoever might need one next! 
*On my way to drop my daughter off at camp, I stopped at Einstein's Bagels and bought a chocolate chip cookie for the guy who works the front desk and checks me in every day at the gym and a baker's dozen for my co-workers.

*Started the day with a trip to my local Starbuck's. I bought a gift card for the baristas to use throughout the day to surprise customers with free coffees. I asked them to use it for people who were having a bad day or needed a pick-me-up. Hoping to turn a few bad days into a good one.

 *I brought in some sweet treats for my classmates today. More to come ...

*Dropped off food at feed my people and brought my neighbor a Popsicle and Gatorade (his fav)

*In Gary's memory I donated to Embarc again this year, an organization that is creating better futures for our students here in Chicago.

*Each of these lovelies (flowers) will be going home with a perfect stranger.

*Sweet Jaime, I'm dedicating my yoga practice to you today. This is something I do when someone is not in the room but could benefit from the positive energy created. This is your warning: today at noon I'm sending ridiculous amounts of positive energy to you. Yes, that's Snickers (my dog) helping me prepare for class. Namaste.

*A small donation to Stray Rescue in Jaime's Daddybee Gary's name. Rock on! Buzz on! Love on!

*In the spirit of garybee, I spend time with my precious neighbor lady, "Sweetsie."Gary had taught me how blessed we are to spend time and help others especially by looking in and taking care of our elders. I love to hear about the old days.

*Passing along good deeds here in Omaha.

*Made a donation today to Harmony House in memory of friend Jaime Mowers dear father as part of a June 29 effort in his honor to do good deeds. Harmony House shelters some of our most vulnerable people – especially women and children – who may not have someone like Jaime's late father, Gary Baranyai, in their lives.

*Took dinner, flowers and DVDs tonight to a friend who had surgery yesterday, fighting breast cancer.

*Today I paid for the lady's order behind me at the drive thru. I could see her smile and hand the clerk her credit card so I'm assuming she paid for the next order!

*Wednesday lunch bunch on me! In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

*My 3-year-old daughter picked this book for bedtime stories tonight. A story of sharing a contagious smile that brightens everyone's day! Amazing how even kids can be so kind!

*We just paid for the people behind us at McDonald's. I love this idea. Everyday should be #buzzingloveforgarybee day!

*Stamping some Just Beecause cards to send out to a few friends and brighten their day.

*So my mom wasn't even familiar with our goal of the day, somehow she just knew...she came over in the middle of the day and changed my house for me! And my daughter, Jackie, made me a dinner.

*Made and delivered a, from scratch, carrot cake to a family member who needed a pick me up today.

*Carrot cake cup cakes are ready for distribution! Jackie, my daughter has class and work, plenty of folks so share them with!
*I treated my boss and two coworkers to a home cook meal right in the office. Paying it forward and enjoying the fellowship at the same time.

*I will do my third skydive and get at least one more newbie to do his/her first skydive safely :)

*Donated to Tenth Life in honor of Gary B.

*Just donated to Stray Rescue.

*Sent flowers to the mother of a former client who passed away from cancer. Today would have been her birthday and I wanted her mom to know that she has not been forgotten. I still think of her beautiful smile.

*Sent cookies to our local chapter of GLO to thank them for all the volunteer work they do!
*Thank you Jaime & Travis Mowers for allowing us to channel your Dad's love and energy into our communities by performing random acts of kindness. I took cookies and brownies to the long term care residents at Delmar Gardens West. To see such a small act bring such joy to the residents, filled my heart. Although I never had the opportunity to meet your Dad, I know he lives on in the amazing person you are! Thank you for allowing me to share it with you!

*Spreading kindness to a man (Carl) who is a huge asset to the animal rescue community by donating. His dog did not survive an attack by a foster dog in the home and assistance is needed for the vet expenses. (This is about a POM!!!)

*The past two days I've been caring for a sick friend ... what a wonderful, special way to honor Jaime's dad.
*I baked cookies for our neighbors as thanks for all the rides to school and other wonderful things they do.

*Today I signed up to volunteer for the Children's Hospital Tri My Best Adaptive Triathlon for children with cerebral palsy in September.

*It may not seem like much. 
It may not BE (bee?) much. But I took a twelve pack to my group run to share with my friends and whomever else would like one. I got to give a few away. Cheers to Gary!

*Daddy B was like a second father to me. His laugh was something you...well, you just really couldn't duplicate. It always reminded me to let your true self shine through and live life with a smile on your face (and a quick comeback in your hip pocket because you would need it around him). Daddy B showered love and joy on everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. Two years ago we lost this man whose spirit and zest for life was a force unlike any other. A life taken very suddenly and painfully. But out of the rain shines the faint rainbow of hope and love. A rainbow that fills the sky a little bit more every day and whose colors are growing bolder by the minute. A year ago, in an effort to help those he left behind navigate through a day that would be very painful (his wife, Donna and his two girls, Jaime and Kelly among others) a group of people stepped forward and beamed his spirit to the world through donations and acts of kindness both large and small. And here we are again. One more trip around the sun without him. But as I said, we are doing our best to show those colors bolder and brighter. They will never make up for his own brilliance, but maybe together we can do our best to come close. I ask you do to something for someone today. Pay for someone's coffee. Make that donation you've been meaning to make and haven't yet. Let someone go ahead of you at the store. Call someone you haven't yet made the time to call. Even if you never knew Gary. If you know me and you see some sort of good in me, a piece of that came from him.

*I took my work friend to lunch – she's facing some pretty harsh circumstances and is looking at losing her job despite her best efforts, so I took her out and we talked about all the good she has to offer. She has bee spirit to the max, so no matter what happens, she will be a positive force in the world, and I want to help build her confidence for what comes next.

*We are honored to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of my dear friend Jaime Mowers' dad, Gary A. Baranyai, because as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he believed taking care of soldiers was paramount. Never did a man wear a bigger smile or have a greater laugh than Gary. He lived to make other's lives better, but his life was tragically taken two years ago today. Let's band together to prove love triumphs over evil. I'm asking my friends and family to join Jaime's Army of Love in performing an act of kindness today, whether it be for friends, family or strangers and hashtag it #buzzingloveforgarybee. Be a person who pushes back the darkness of evil and makes a positive difference.

*Two weeks ago, I texted Jaime Mowers about a moment in which I felt Gary B's spirit so closely (not surprisingly, during a skydiving stunt). Today we remember two years without Gary B, the day he took his journey *to* the sky. Memories of love and laughter and, as always, blue skies! I dropped a bouquet of flowers to the nearest nurse at NY-Presbyterian, for herself or a patient who needed cheering up.

*Made a $100 donation to the Humane Society in honor of Gary B! 
*I have been lucky enough to meet some pretty incredible people thru the St. Louis Triathlon Club. Jaime lost her father 2 years ago, and I know all too well how much the loss of a dad hurts. She and her family have started an amazing movement in his honor. Please read his story below and don't forget to spread some kindness today and everyday!

*Two years ago today my dear uncle was taken from us by the hands of another. Last year, my cousins and aunt started the tradition of making today about bringing kindness to others, which is something Uncle Gary did every day. The picture is a quote that his daughter, Jaime Mowers, found he had written in one of his devotionals. Uncle Gary had a gift. When you were with him, he made you feel like the most important person in the room. He laughed, loved, and lived with all his heart. Today, I invite you all to do a random of act of kindness in his memory.

*Just made a donation to a charity that would be close to two important hearts: my best friend Jaime Mowers' dad, who was a brave Marine; and my fiercely missed Becky Malkovich, who was a dear friend of Gary Sinise. This donation is in their memory.

*Two years ago today, an amazing man was taken from us. My best friend Jaime Mowers lost her dad too early but his spirit will never fade. Energy that big stays with us, pushes us forward in goodness. We honor his incredible life today by . Consider doing a good deed (or ten!) today in his memory.

*Today marks the two year anniversary of my best friend's father's death. Gary was taken from us tragically in the hands of another June 29, 2014. Gary was an amazing father, husband, brother and best friend. He brought light into every room he walked in. What happened on that day should not have happened. I'm letting you know life is way too short. Start living each day as if it's your last, love a little more, talk more to each other and not about each other, help others, take chances, be nice and happy. Smile every chance you have. It makes a difference. Hug your loved ones today and let them know how you feel. Friends I'm asking if you will show good acts of kindness and do a good deed today in memory of Gary. If you choose to you can share using the hashtag #buzzingloveforgarybee.

*Dear Family and Friends (All you Cor Jesu Academy girls too)! Please read this story about Gary Baranyai (CJA Alumni Donna Baranyai's husband). Then I challenge you to a random act of kindness today, in Gary's honor! Be it big or small, all count! If you want to, tell me what you did or better yet post it on the Buzzing Love website so that this family can see all the good deeds done in his memory!! Thank you! Love you Jaime, Donna and Kelly!
*In memory of Gary Baranyai, a donation to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

*Gave a donation to the Lab School today in memory of Gary. He always supported the school at the annual auctions and we always had such a good time and a lot of laughs. I also passed out mustache cookies at my Kiwanis meeting in his memory. I did that on Father’s Day at church, too. I also took a “For Someone Special” balloon to the cemetery today, too.

*Two years ago we lost a good man to gun violence. In an effort to take back this day from horror, please join me in doing something, anything kind for another person. Just imagine what our world would look like if there was more kindness among people.

*So proud and grateful to have this irreplaceable woman as my best friend. She is a living, running, swimming, biking, THRIVING example that, no matter what happens in your life, YOU CAN OVERCOME.

 On the day after June 29, 2016:

*I wasn't quite ready for all the positive energy to stop, so when I stopped to grab a quick bite on my way in to work this morning, I paid for the car behind me as well. It was so nice to see the huge smile on the lady's face as she pulled up to the payment window. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing thing Jaime Mowers!!!

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